Composer John Corigliano talks about The Red Violin

John Corigliano talks to the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra about his violin concerto, "The Red Violin"

Philippe Quint plays the Red Violin

Naxos Records has released violinist Philippe Quint playing Corigliano's Red Violin Caprices. Recorded in Toronto, produced by Norbert and Bonnie Kraft.

The Red Violin - On Ice

Michelle Kwan skates to the Red Violin during the 1999 World Championships

The Ghosts of Versailles - They Wish They Could Kill Me

Figaro's Aria from Corigliano's Ghosts of Versailles at the Metropolitan Opera.
Gino Quilico, Baritone

The Ghosts of Versailles - They Are Always With Me

Marie Antoinette's Aria from Corigliano's The Ghosts of Versailles at the Metropolitan Opera.
Theresa Stratas, Soprano.

Joshua Bell playing at Duquesne University

Joshua Bell came and talked to us at Duquesne University when he was playing the with Pittsburgh Symphony. Then he decided to stand up and whip off his jacket and play from the Red Violin very deliciously.

Joshua Bell discusses Red Violin

John Corigliano and Joshua Bell talking from stage

Fern Hill

The Illinois State University Symphony Orchestra and Concert Choir performing John Corigliano's setting of the Dylan Thomas poem "Fern Hill".

Symphony No 2

Watch the Novosibirsk Symphony Chamber Orchestra play John Corigliano's Pulitzer Prize winning Symphony No 2.

John Corigliano Speech

Corigliano addresses the staff of the Pittsburgh Symphony with an interesting historical perspective of concert music and composer-audience relationship.

The Ghosts of Versailles

This is a 5 minute treatment video for a beautiful production desgin of John Corigliano's "Ghosts of Versailles".

Altered States

Philippe Quint and William Wolfram record for NAXOS

Violinist Philippe Quint and pianist William Wolfram recorded a CD featuring the music of John Corigliano, for NAXOS records. It was recorded at Glenn Gould Studio, C.B.C., Toronto, by the production team of Norbert Kraft & Bonnie Silver

Etude-Fantasy for piano

John Corigliano talks about Symphony no1

John Corigliano and young composers

Richard Sherman plays John Corigliano's Pied Piper Fantasy

Richard Sherman plays John Corigliano's Pied Piper Fantasy for Flute and Orchestra with Michigan State University Symphony Orchestra conducted by Leon Gregorian. The concert entitled "An Evening with John Corigliano" took place in April 2010 at the Great Hall of the Wharton Center on campus of Michigan State University in East Lansing.

STOMP for Violin Solo

Nigel Armstrong performing STOMP at Tchaikovsky Competition


John Corigliano on MySpace

This is a tribute page dedicated to John Corigliano.



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Symphony no1

Corigliano and Young Composers

The Red Violin

Symphony no3 - Circus Maximus

View a complete performance of John Corigliano's monumental "surround sound" work for large symphonic wind ensemble. The Northwestern University Symphonic Wind Ensemble, conducted by Mallory Thompson, is featured

Symphony no3 - Circus Maximus (pre-concert talk)

Pulitzer Prize, Grammy Award, and Academy Award-winning composer John Corigliano introduces Circus Maximus.

Sonata for Violin and Piano

Joshua Bell is performing John Corigliano's Sonata for Violin and Piano

John Corigliano talks about Circus Maximus

Download a complete interview

John Corigliano talks about String Quartet

Download a complete interview
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