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Kaleidoscope for Two Pianos (1959)


First performed June 28, 1961, at the Festival of Two Worlds, Morey Ritt and Stanley Hollingsworth, pianos; Spoleto, Italy


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Duration  6 minutes



Susan Grace & Alice Rybak, pianos (Quattro Mani Duo) Klavier K11106 (2000)
John & Richard Contiguglia, pianos CRI CD659 (1996) 


Kaleidoscope for Two Pianos was written during my student years as an undergraduate at Columbia College (1955–59). The work began as a project in Otto Luening’s composition class, and is dedicated to Luening and to composer Marc Bucci. As the title implies, is a colorful mosaic of changing symmetrical patterns, some infused with a ragtime feel, others highly lyrical in content. The work is in ternary form with an extended lyrical center that treats a folk-like melody to a variety of contrapuntal elaborations. In general, Kaleidoscope is high-spirited and full of the energy of youth.

                     — John Corigliano

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