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Voyage (from L'Invitation au Voyage,1971)
Arranged for flute and piano by Mark Starr (1988)

see also: original version L'Invitation au Voyage (a cappella chorus), version for flute and string quintet, version for flute and string orchestra, version for flute and harp, and version for string orchestra



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Duration  8 minutes


Program note

In 1971 I set of Richard Wilbur's translation of Baudelaire's famous L'Invitation au voyage for a cappella chorus. Wilbur's poignant setting pictures a world of obsessive imagination — a drugged version of heaven full of sensual imagery. The music echoes the quality of the repeated refrain found in this lush translation: "There, there is nothing else but grace and measure, richness, quietness and pleasure."

This version for flute and piano is derived from the arrangement I made for flute and string orchestra in 1983.

                     — John Corigliano

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